Branding, Identity Design + Illustration

Bad Girl Alchemy was a witchy podcast about tarot reading and herb lore. Our goal was to attract and hold space for introspective, creative, forward-thinking witches who were also fun and thoughtfully rebellious. I contributed to brand development and was responsible for identity design and illustration.

The logo projects attitude, energy, and playfulness; I crafted it using digitally drawn hand lettering adorned with illustrated magical symbols. I chose color palettes that could be applied individually or used all together for a full-on party vibe.


Identity Design, Key Art + Digital Production

The sales team at The Stranger developed this idea for a marketing promotion, but it needed branding, key art, and digital assets to get started. This campaign was entirely digital and promoted across The Stranger’s websites and on social media.

I chose a typeface with subtle but not overt holiday vibes for the logo and opted for a peaceful winter landscape for the visual. Since digital spaces are often crowded and busy, I planned to draw the viewer’s attention by offering their eye a place to rest. I started with a stock vector illustration and customized the color palette, elements, and composition to suit various asset formats.

This promo was so successful that we offered it again a few months later, so I updated the illustration and color palette to reflect the seasonal change. This project received notable positive feedback from my colleagues, who spent loads of time looking at our website.


Identity Development + Logo Design

Logo suite for Two Tone Genetics, growers of certified space weed. Examples of watermark usage and process included. 

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