Sister Rose and Sister Mimosa say: fight hate- with all your heart.

Rose and mimosa nourish our hearts. Support them so they are more sensitive, compassionate, resilient, and strong. Our hearts are like trampolines - they propel us to the highest heights and stretch to catch us when we fall back to earth. We must nourish our hearts so we have the strength and resilience to withstand the fight against hate.

Roses have prickles. Mimosa is soft and sensitive. These are just a few of your tools for fighting hate. Feel the prickle of intuition when something isn’t right. Use your prickles to protect yourself and others from hate. Be prickly when you feel angry and outraged. Those feelings are justified and valid. Use your softness and sensitivity to feel the pain caused by hate. To hold yourself and others in softness as needed to cope with that pain. Be sensitive to the needs of others, particularly those targeted by hate. Be soft and receptive to their stories and experiences.

Nourish your heart so you can...

• Listen and hear what needs to be heard. Even when it’s hard.
• See your own biases and privilege, and work on them with commitment and compassion. 
•  Support others on their way through this work. 
• Educate yourself. When you see hate, racism, bigotry, white supremacy - call it what it is.
• Stand between hate and those it seeks to terrorize.
• Find laughter, joy, love and community. Use these to create ecosystems where hate cannot thrive.
© Chelcie Blackmun 2021